andy and norman killing everyone with their bromance (β—•β€Ώβ—•βœΏ)


Andrew Lincoln and Norman Reedus @ Singapore

the walking dead season 4 + quotes

We get hard, and go in.


"Little did you know that the girl you were making fun of today. She gets to go home and get put down even more. And what you said it just made it ten times harder for her to stay strong . But you know what ? That’s okay because that girl is the one who gets to show other people how to be okay. She’s the girl who has tears streaming down her face, the girl who has friends but always feels alone, that girl deals with abusive remarks everyday of her life and sometimes she even hates herself. but it’s okay because she’s still strong enough to smile, she gets up after you push her around. Tell me, who’s funny now?"

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"If you ever feel worthless like you’re not good at anything just know you’re good at doing one thing. That thing is being you. That’s something no one else can do."

galactasΒ asked: moments where Daryl shows he has a heart.


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